Friday, February 13, 2009

the faith of a child.

There is no cure for MS. But I believe that God has the power to heal. However, I also believe that we are given trials and challenges that are intended to make us stronger and test our faith. So while I know that if He wanted to God could heal my husband, I think that his MS is meant to be our challenge in this life.

That being said, we are taught that we should have the faith of a little child, believing in things we cannot see but which we know are real. By doing this, we can shut out the world and draw closer to our Heavenly Father. This is what I was taught and it is what my husband and I are teaching our children.

Our oldest daughter, Trinity, has an extreme amount of faith. It is so wonderful for us to watch her learn and grow in the gospel. She prays daily and lately we have noticed that she has been praying for one thing in particular: that her daddy will be healed and walk again. She knows that if she prays and asks Heavenly Father for something, that He will give it to her. And she truly believes that He has the power to heal her daddy. But she also knows that it hasn't happened yet, so she always says "Please help daddy to walk by tomorrow." It melts my heart to hear her speak to her Heavenly Father in a way that is so full of faith.

Trinity, I know that your Heavenly Father loves you and that He will always be there for you. Keep praying and never lose faith. Though His will will be done and not ours, prayer works.